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We found multiple green solutions

for the world energy problem


all coming fast charging battery cars can act together

cheap green grafeen batteries are charged in a second or 2

as a very big mega buffer for a solar energy grid

so we can also drive at solar energy

at night !

see 1.4a 1.4b 1.5 2.3 and 3.1



help promoting these cheaper green alternatives.


Big changes in green use of energy and in green energy making :



on our international page with :


safer & cheaper

nuclearfree and CO2free

real clean energy and heating solutions.

For quick less pollution : better grants on solarpanels.


Part 1 : Cheaper green use of energy.

Part 2 : Power to/from the people.

Part 3 : Big green energy making.

Part 4 : We are very fast destroying our planet with .....

Part 5 : Help change/save the world,


5.3 print/iron your international shirt logo at home.


Part 1 : Cheaper green use of energy :


1.1 Low energy LED lights.


1.2 Clean electric scooters,

drive on only 3 euro electricity a year,
oops, 33 euro electricity a year, forgot the energy taxes on polluting, uhh this is not polluting, this is the opposite of polluting, tax change please !

Petrol versions pollutes besides the air also your wallet with approx 750 euros of petrol tax a year.
So we better do not use petrol any more.


Green is cheaper.


1.3 Cities will more and more, only be available for electric wheels :

watch out, they are so quiet, you do not hear them comming,

and they are bloody fast.

Driving will be much more fun.

New 31-03-2013 1600km per batterij ?


1.4a 18-07-2011

Australian discovery.

Super grafeen battery is coming soon,

lighter - only 1/3 or less,

gsm phone charging - 1 second- seen in 2012

laptop charging - 2 seconds - seen in 2013

for cars - in 2014 ?

for trucks - in 2015 ?

 Yeahhh, lekkelll

take time for a coffee break with :

car/bus/truck/train/zeppelin fast charging - 300 km in a 3 seconds,

much cheaper, very longer life, non toxic, supergreen, grafeen batteries.

A team, led by Dan Li of Monash University, says that a combination of two ordinary materials -- graphite and water -- could help produce such "super batteries" which perform on par with lithium ion batteries.

Graphene is the result of breaking down graphite, a cheap, readily available material commonly used in pencils, into layers one atom thick. It is strong, chemically stable, an excellent conductor of electricity and, importantly, has an extremely high surface area.

That will make the difference for cars, busses, trucks,

the end of billions CO2-exhaustpipes

and for trucks, trams, metro's - fast accepting large quantities brake energy, etc.


1.4b 18-10-2014 - Hot news !

New discovery in China

a battery charged in 2 minutes (70%) with a 20 years lifetime !

made from available low cost materials

should come on the market next 2 years.


So we will be soon driving cheaper on electricity,

for older cars like mine

there are already wheels,

with an inwheel electric motor 140hp.

so we take out the old heavy poluting petrol engine

and place a new battery from china

and we have a clean driving old car.


More roads and parking, at less costs, gives better working economies,

economy = free mobility of goods and people,

and happier healthier people.



1.5 Clean CO2 free heating

our house, showerwater, 33°C saunapools,
cityhall, offices, hospitals, etc.
with only 1/3 of the old energy with only

a CO2free refrigerator engine,

but the cold not outside

but in our fridge and deepfreeze please !


That will be the end of :


pipelines to our houses

and the end of billions CO2 polluting chimnees.

1.6 New Running on fresh air:

British firm makes petrol out of carbon dioxide and water vapour

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the next fuel ?


will stop mega CO2 pollution from tenthousands airplanes daily,

even better,

it will clean our air .

1.7 New - Run your car directly on water ?

Driving will be much more fun driving directly on water,

the solution is something like this

but how exactly,

an American found it out, 9 patents, and a Jappanner,

we would like to find it out too,

join us,

are you handy, help us,

sponsor us to drive clean together

but sssst or we get km/milage tax boxes

and is the fun over.


Part 2 : Power to from the people.

We can help with making clean energy ourselfs.

Together we are already the biggest green power producer

on earth.

            2.1 Solar energy panels.            

We can never have too much solar panels,

the sun does not mind.


Install solar panels = pay less energy tax = 30 years lower energy bills.


Give only buildingpermits for houses and other buildings

with roofs pointing / to the sun.


More solar panels = less nuclear power plants !


2.2 Promising new type HR windmill from GE.


2.3 At night with no wind ?

A free very very mega big solar/green buffer ?

The crazy-bits ultimate energies solution.

All parked cars =99%/busses/etc. with grafeen car batteries, plugged in, in each house/garage/work/parkingplace, can power the green grid in nighttime and can later be recharged in daytime with solar power, and 24/7 with other green powers.

That grafeen car that wants to drive, can anytime fast, in a second, be charged to full from the grid/buffer, from all the other cars in fact, and drive away.

And when its parked and connected again, it is part of the total green buffer again, for when another car wants to drive.

Note : also at night driving on solar power now.

Note : also at night 3x cheaper heating your house using 1.5 refrigerator technology on solar power out of the green buffer.


As we see the big number of cars today,

that can lead in the future to a very mega big green buffer.

With that, we can benefit 24/7 from clean solar power,

without the need of polluting oil, coal, gas, nuclear energy, etc.


Help change/save the world,

wear your fanclub shirt
all over the world

every day.


You do not have a car ?

You can use a grafeen battery for solar energy at night in your house,

and take it out and power your scooter,

power your boat,



Part 3 : Big green energy making.

3.1 Electricity out of garbage.

Here in Amsterdam, they collect and even buy garbage, sort it out and burns leftovers in a very advanced way, with CO2 filter, for 24/7 electricy, for almost whole Amsterdam + trams + metro's + trains.

As there are more big cities then nuclear power plants,

we estimate :
that when all big cities should do this,

it can replace all nuclear power plants !

Tip your mayor !


3.2 Noisy windmill parks,

better at windy sea areas,

as here outside the coast of Holland.


3.3 The Solar thermal mirror steam plant in Spain,

is a big succes,

they are already building another.


3.4 Solar thermal dish,

free unused space for a dish on every roundabout on earth !

Tip your mayor !


3.5 Earth heat :

New 28-02-2011 : Iceland start making superclean electricity out of vulcanoheat and would like to export a billion euro of electricity a year, they are looking for investors for an undersea powerline to Europe.

Deeper earth heat, better not,

We do not want the earth to stop spinning and to lose gravity.


3.6 In total.

In day time, we have more energy from the sun in an hour,

as we need for a whole year,

in night/winter time enough 3.1, 3.2 and 3.5 with buffers like :


and 2.3 Combined Grafeen batteries


Part 4 : We are very fast destroying our planet with :

You do not want to be killed,

by exploding nuclear power plants,

if a solar flare - solar storm, is a magnetic storm, passes far by,

Known since the 1970ties, they never told us, to give or get permits ?

or by radiation from bad nuclear waste storage,

or more nuclear accidents.

4.1 A far passing solar flare can will cause nuclear plant meltdown explosions, which makes earth a death planet.

Every day there are solar flares, but when one comes to close to earth, electric power shuts down, all electricy equipment will burn, like pumps, generators, engines, kabels, computerboards, refrigerators, etc. Ultra high magnetics will clear harddisks, bankfiles with how much money is from who will be lost.
In the 70ties and 80ties we tried to solve this, we failed. Now we succeeded, we developed a solution for also banks, interrested ? please contact.

That is awfull enough, but

in Japan, the problem was caused by tsunami water that shut the power down and the pumps stopped cooling.

But with a solar flare also the coolingpumps and fail systems like

automatic reactor shut down systems will burn

Note : a reactor takes a year heavy cooling to shut down !

and will not work.

What they did not realised before, that a solar flare can, in this way let hundreds nuclear power plants have meltdowns all at the same time, with explosions with bits of plutonium.

If the radiation does not kills us, the wind with plutonium will do that around the the world in a week.

With "normal" disasters, like huricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamies etc, survivers can rebuild,

with nuclear disasters, this planet has died for 350.000 years.


Palmtrees will not survive,

oops humans will also not survive.


So better to be safe,

all nuclear permits must be withdrawn worldwide,

and all nuclear facilities must shut down immediatly,

and be dismantled asap,

including on navy ships, submarines, etc.


no reason to put our earth at risk,

.we have enough better, cheaper green alternatives,

solar flares passed us too close before

1857, only then we did not have electricity and nuclear power plants,

and soon they will do that again,


tomorrow ?



4.2 We have bad nuclear waste storage killing us also,.

No more big CO2 producing plants making nuclear rods,

of wich they use only 2% in 2 years,

98% gives us radiation pollution problems

and storage for 350.000 years fails,

most are badly stored now

like 126.000 barrels in Asse Germany,

after 30years already,

in shortly collapsing dissolving salt mine,

known since 1993,

and still no preventive rescue with better storage from German goverment,

underground rivers will in time contaminate groundwater of whole Europe,

no more Spa water,

no more clean drinking water,

no more clean vegetables,

no more clean fruit,

no more animals ?

no more healthy humans !

no more wellness spa's


we cannot live safe anymore

with unsafe nuclear storage,



4.3 Global warming from also massive cooling nuclear plants,

enormous nuclear plant cooling = producing global warming,

from far too many nuclear plants,

too dangerous.


4.4 Nuclear power plants accidents,


and not solving bad storages

both with always radiation leaking.


Radiation does not dissapear,

it cannot be filtered out,

radiation only adds up :

a little from here, a little from there,

+ a little from covered up accidents,

+ a little from Tsjernobyl,

+ a little bit from from accidents in the States,

+ a little from accidents from who knows where,

+ a little from Japan,

+ a lot of bad storage in Germany,

+ a lot of bad storage on a lot of places,


together it's a lot of too much already !




Part 5 : Help change/save the world :


5.1 To avoid further nuclear disasters,

please email this info webpage to all your friends

all over the world,


copy & paste :

Awfull new safety hazard discovered,

all nuclear plants should be dismantled,


see point 4.1 on

Help save the world, please pass this webpage on.



if everybody in the world knows the dangers of Part 4

they have to shut down and dismantle all nuclear facilities

and will have to improve nuclear wast storage.


Please helpto stop pollution of air, land and water

Dolphin comes out of nowhere and asks diver for help !


5.2 If everybody in the world comes to see this webpage,

we go broke on webtraffic costs,

far before we succeed,


please help a bit


donate to :


or to P. Kalf,

please mention : donation group


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